Thomas/Lane & Associates [TLA] specialises in collaborating with elected officials, agency staffs and concerned stakeholders to define problems and identify strategies around which consensus can be built.

With over 50 years of combined experience integrating, synthesizing and presenting results based on neutral quantitative information, TLA can both produce technical reports and act as a bridge between technical findings and the concerns of policy makers.

TLA has consulted with public sector clients at both legislative and executive levels including federal, state, county, city, commonwealth, special purpose and tribal governments.

TLA has assessed impacts, forecasted needs, developed action plans, calculated rates of return and evaluated the feasibility of a wide range of programs, projects and policies, including:
  • Housing
  • Job Creation
  • Transportation
  • Human Services
  • Economic Development
  • Industrial promotion
TLA’s private sector clients have included international agribusiness, mining, and resource development companies, as well as utilities, financial institutions, hotel chains, and manufacturing establishments.

TLA’s assignments included conducting feasibility studies, advising on the highest and best use of commercial properties, determining the economic component of environmental impact statements, doing market research, evaluating rates of return on proposed investments, determining financial feasibility, and estimating market absorption of different types of commercial lands.